Terms and Conditions

Important Hire Information

Sunshine Coast Limousine Transfers offers a pre-booked transportation services and subsequent bookings will constitute a binding agreement whether verbally, by phone, email or via our on-line booking forms,

Sunshine Coast Limousine Transfers reserves the right to accept or refuse any transfer. Queensland legislation states that intoxicated passengers or additional passengers (not advised at time of booking) are grounds for refusal of transfer.

The consumption of alcohol in any vehicle is strictly prohibited unless said vehicle is properly licenced to provide alcohol.

Smoking is any vehicle is strictly prohibited.

All vehicles are regularly and thoroughly maintained. However, should requested vehicle(s) be unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control or any other cause whatsoever, a replacement vehicle(s) as close as possible to the booked vehicle(s) will be dispatched depending on timing etc.. no liability will be accepted by us for any consequential loss.

The client is responsible for all passengers, should the client or passengers cause excessive delays, are disorderly or, in the chauffeur judgement are unfit to travel the Chauffeur may terminate the booking

The client accepts all responsibility for the passengers and fully indemnifies the proprietors of Sunshine Coast Limousine Transfers in the case of injury caused by negligence on the part of the passengers.

If during the period of hire the hirer and/or their guests wilfully cause any damage to the vehicle which causes the vehicle to be withdrawn from service we reserve the right to invoice the hirer for such damage and subsequent costs of repairs or replacement items.

Customers must supply their credit card information to confirm their booking which is processed using a secure third party on-line platform once passengers have been dropped at their final destination.


We reserve the right to charge the full transfer fee if a cancellation is provided in less than 24 hours before the transfer. “No shows” will also incur the full transfer cost fee, except under exceptional circumstances.

Late Nights / Early Mornings

Late pickups between 9pm and Midnight (2100hrs – 2400hrs) incur a $30 loading. Between Midnight and 06.30am, late/early pickups (0001hrs – 06.30hrs) incur a $50 loading.

Whilst we will make every attempt to accommodate your transfer requirement, we may use another reputable limousine company to assist in our transfers. 

We will not accept liability for late flights, cancelled flights, traffic crashes, traffic congestion or any other incidents due to unforeseen circumstances which are out of our control. These are our terms and conditions and terms of service to you.